Interaction corner!

A question to all my fellow photographers.
How did you become a photographer?
If I start with myself, I have been an introvert person for my entire lifetime. I have always enjoyed being self involved in creative things rather than socializing. May it be sketching, reading, painting, listening to music or binge watching. I have always found these things more interesting than going to get-togethers or parties. And since I found my love towards photography, it has become a great companion to me. I love photographing my surroundings. And it gives a satisfaction that I have started valuing my passion too. I enjoy it. How were you inspired to follow your passion?

8 thoughts on “Interaction corner!

  1. What an excellent question! Growing up my uncle had a old camera collection in his basement and processed film the old way in a dark room. This intrigued me. I played around with small Kodak cameras and Polaroids. Later in life in my 20โ€™s I was in the military and a friend as if I could take some photos at his wedding if he gave me his camera ๐Ÿ“ธ. I really enjoyed have a real Canon with film in my hands and it turned out I had a pretty good eye for capturing the moment.
    Soon came cameras on cellphones which was ok because I couldnโ€™t afford high priced DSLRs that seemingly replaced cameras with film. I missed my days with a camera in hand but iPhones and iPads were getting really good at photography. After retiring from the military I purchased my first DLSR.
    My passion now is find creativity in all things I can photograph and learn more photo processing software. My photoblog has opened up a world to me.

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    1. That’s really inspiring!! Thanks Robert for sharing your wonderful story!! Your photos are really very stunning. I am too looking forward to buy my first professional camera. I can understand the happiness of buying the first one. Passion is important to be cherished and I am glad that you decided to follow it after retiring. Keep posting the wonderful photos! Those are treat to viewers eyes..


    1. Some what relatable. But a little bit late. Now in my mid-twenties I found my love for photography. But again they say it’s never to late to follow your passion. I loved to click pictures from a long time. It was casually. But not untill I actually felt in love with it. I have just started. An Amateur and a long way to go. I am nowhere compared to the ones I see on blogs by professional photographers. But again we are our own teachers. We improve when we compare with our old selves. The old me will improve my today me. I watch the photo blogs here and take the respective photographers as a motivation. I get to learn a lot from all you stunning photographers. I will keep learning, I won’t say until I become perfect, but until I am self satisfied by my photography.

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      1. My friend I am seeing a future world famous professional photographer!
        Keep taking pics.
        Post regularly.
        A word of caution…
        See that your pic size is kbs not in mbs.( As small as possible with low or medium resolution)
        Otherwise you complte your storage capacity- what WP allows you based on your plan with WP.


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