A new series of flowers begins!

Hola amigos! Back after a long time. What’s new? Hope all are doing well! And well well I am coming with a new collection of my flower photography. Gozar de!!

And finally! My series ‘Shots from car window’ 📸

And finally after sorting, resizing, watermark editing, a total of 54 photos, my series of ‘Shots from a moving Car’ is here! Been planning from a long time to post this. And finally I got time. Enjoy the shots. Let me know your favorite.

Sunset peeping! 📸

People usually may get frustrated traveling with a photographer. That’s what I experienced recently. We stop by every single centimetre to take a picture and crave for different shots until we get a perfect one. And end up getting lost when traveling with family and friends. So did happen with me recently. Every single time I stopped by to click, I ended up getting lost. Moreover there was a bit crowd. So every time I had to find where were my people and where were they heading. 😅