I revisited my college after a long time!

Back after a long break. Been in a tight schedule lately. And now finally fetched some time to post. I actually don’t talk a much in my blog, but today would love too. Because today’s pictures are nostalgic. Visited my Graduation College after really long time. Felt magical. It’s a place where lot’s of my memories got painted.

Before I start I would like to tell my graduation college was established back in 1885. So in the following photographs you may see it gives historical and a vintage feel. Proud to be a part of it!

Here in my part of the world we are experiencing Winter Rains. We can say Rainy season 2.0. I am not so good at geographical knowledge so no idea why this sudden climate changes.

On 1st December we experienced rains for a whole day. Without any halt. The day after I visited my college. The reason was meeting my close friend after a long time. And when I reached the place, it felt so dreamy and nostalgic that I can’t explain in words. The place already with so many memories and the climate added up to a different effect. That day the rain took a break. But the place was just…. Well I better share the photos!

PS. Sorry for the picture quality. All shots taken from phone.

And finally! My series ‘Shots from car window’ 📸

And finally after sorting, resizing, watermark editing, a total of 54 photos, my series of ‘Shots from a moving Car’ is here! Been planning from a long time to post this. And finally I got time. Enjoy the shots. Let me know your favorite.