And finally! My series ‘Shots from car window’ 📸

And finally after sorting, resizing, watermark editing, a total of 54 photos, my series of ‘Shots from a moving Car’ is here! Been planning from a long time to post this. And finally I got time. Enjoy the shots. Let me know your favorite.

Sunset peeping! 📸

People usually may get frustrated traveling with a photographer. That’s what I experienced recently. We stop by every single centimetre to take a picture and crave for different shots until we get a perfect one. And end up getting lost when traveling with family and friends. So did happen with me recently. Every single time I stopped by to click, I ended up getting lost. Moreover there was a bit crowd. So every time I had to find where were my people and where were they heading. 😅

Clicks from moving car. 📸

I usually like to take photos from car window whenever I am travelling. We get to see many different and beautiful aspects of nature while travelling. And we can’t resist but take out our camera. But not everytime can we request to stop the car to capture this beauty in our camera. Especially when we are travelling with other people. So I try to randomly click the pictures from the car. These are few I clicked yesterday when the sun was going down in the evening. 🌅🌇