A new series of flowers begins!

Hola amigos! Back after a long time. What’s new? Hope all are doing well! And well well I am coming with a new collection of my flower photography. Gozar de!!


Comeback with a storyline of my cute little friend! ðŸ¦‹â¤ï¸

First of all apologies for the inactivity throughout the entire last month. It’s been haywire. But fun. It feels good to come back here and write a blog again. Really missed all the fantastic posts by my fellow bloggers and after posting this blog I am going right away to catch up on all the missed out blogs. I am not much of a writer but today I would like to write as it needs to be expressed in words, the wonderful journey of a butterfly I have experienced.

To start with I found it on a leaf. It was some different kind of caterpillar. I searched its information through the google lens and learned that it’s a larva of the Tailed Jay Butterfly 🦋. I right away decided to care of it indoors. Started surfing the internet for articles about the butterfly and how to take care of it.

The first day when we found the caterpillar. Larva was in its 4th instar stage.

The day I found the larva it was in its 4th instar stage. After some research, I found the food required and the stages ahead. And it was then my daily routine to get some fresh leaves from its host plant for the larva. The larva had a slow growth but at the same time was exciting to take care of.

The 5th instar stage.
The pre-pupatory stage.
Started to build the pupa.

I got all excited when the larva entered the pupa stage. I took it as a sign that the care was rightly taken. Now it was just a wait and watch till the eclosion from the pupa. According to online articles, the pupa stage was expected to last 13 to 14 days. But it went 14, then 15, then 16, then 17 days. And still, it was the same. I started to worry if it was alive or not. I worried if I did something wrong in taking care. But on day 17 after noontime, the pupa started to change its color. It started to turn blackish-brown. And I realized it was about to become a mature pupa. I got all excited.

Entering the pupa stage.
On the 17th day the pupa started to mature.
Completely matured Tailed Jay pupa.

The pupa turned completely matured with a green-black pattern on it until the night. I took photos of its stages as it would be a wonderful memory for me. I decided to stay awake all night to capture and record the beautiful eclosion of the butterfly from the pupa. I literally set alarms every half an hour so I don’t fall asleep. But at around 6 in the morning, I got so tired that I fell fast asleep. I kept the light switched on so I could check immediately if any change or movement occurs. And with the 7 o’clock alarm I woke up and saw that the eclosion just started. I jumped and set up the camera to capture the time-lapse. I was so excited that I can’t express it in words. It was beautiful. The butterfly was weak for starting few hours. Making efforts to walk and open the wings. But later it opened its wings completely and was finally flying. It was really a beautiful Tailed Jay Butterfly. I was proud of myself that I took care of it.

Eclosion of Tailed Jay butterfly from the pupa.

They say animals are honest and get attached to their caretakers and owners who love them. And it doesn’t just apply to the usual pets we pet in our houses. But with the butterfly, I experienced that it applies to every single creature. The Butterfly soon got attached to me and I just fell in love with its beauty and cuteness. It would be hard to let it go. But have to. Because they are meant to fly freely and enjoy nature. It was small but worth remembering the journey. 💗

The beautiful Tailed Jay Butterfly. ❤️🦋